3rd meeting of the European Migration Forum
Migrants' access to the EU, to rights and to services
Challenges and ways forward

Brussels, 2-3 March 2017

The deadline for submitting your expression of interest to participate in the European Migration Forum 2017 is over. We thank you for your interest. For any other information you may contact the Forum Secretariat at

Disclaimer: this open call refers only to the 3rd meeting of the European Migration Forum (EMF). Organisations that are selected to participate in the March 2017 meeting will not automatically be given the right to participate in future meetings.
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7. The 3rd EMF meeting will focus on access to Europe, to rights and services. These discussions will be complemented by horizontal reflections on the importance of communication and the role of the media in changing the public perception on the current migratory movements. Please provide an explanation on how the activities of your organisation are linked to one or all of the topics below. Please be specific and mention the relevant research/publication/conferences/projects/practical activities that your organisation has been involved within the last 24 months. This can also relate to only one topic proposed below.
7.1. The access of migrants to Europe and safe legal alternatives, including: family reunification, resettlement (including private/community sponsorship), admission of labour migrants.
7.2. Access to rights and services, from first reception to long term integration. This stream includes accessing housing services, health care, education, legal assistance and translation services. Please also include your expertise on the protection of children in the context of reception and integration.
7.3. Evidence based communication on migration related topics: how to change public perception across Europe.
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The organisers are interested to involve some organisations in the preparation of the event: in the preparation of a workshop, of a leading discussions or in reporting results back to the plenary. Would you be available and interested in contributing to such preparations?
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"Call for expressions of interest in participating in the 3rd meeting of the European Migration Forum"
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